At the last

You held my hand

And whispered words of comfort

Through the tears

Kept me strong

Held me strong

At the last



My hands clasp one another

With words falling short

Tears stream through grasping breath

For you are not here

To keep me strong


-Kel Dayheart

One thought on “Change

Add yours

  1. A big problem we could have
    if we can’t find the strength
    to fight back life and thrive
    it feels like our bad situations
    are trying vs us to connive.

    We have lost opportunities
    we also have lost people
    we long for a great future
    & miss good from the past
    life hasn’t been that bad
    we also have learned a lot
    after putting it in contrast
    realize you have survived
    a smile won’t be hard, at last.


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