Star Boy

Tracing his freckles Like constellations They make a pretty picture That only make sense To the creator -Kel Dayheart

Those Little Moments

Savor the moment Live it to its fullest capacity Because life is meant to be Enjoyed in the little moments That make more impact Than the so called important ones -Kel Dayheart


Blissful sigh Warm breathe breezes across my face Her hand rests upon my chest And I feel that all is right.   Warmth cocoons As she nestles closer Securely relaxing within my arms And nothing can be wrong.   As long as We are together The world can be at peace For love reigns supreme.... Continue Reading →

He Wants

He wants to consume her very being.   He wants to be the one she turns to.   He wants to never overshadow her strength.   He wants just her. -Kel Dayheart

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