Shaded Green

Shaded greens intermingle to please the eye

From our deepest shining emerald

And jaded gleaming, glittering gems

To our bright luminous lime


Shaded greens that mix and twine

Illuminate the natural hope

In all our souls to brighten

Giving heed to the reborn mother


Shaded greens springs renewal

Blooming life regenerates

Life is new

And all rejoice


Shaded greens may bring spring

But deeper lurks

A jaded creature

Who lingers among the deepest hunter greens


Shaded greens leave a shadowed mix

Where upon emerald eyes gleam

In its jealous rage

For it finds itself lacking


Shaded greens that houses the beast

Can do no such thing

As force it away

As your being cannot be separated


Shaded greens that intermingle

Is both the re-newer and the fiend

-Kel Dayheart

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