Time Mechanics

Clock work gears Tick away the passage of time As it takes flight On fleeting wings Mechanics give way to fanciful thoughts -Kel Dayheart


I am a restless soul Who only wishes to wander on To travel through On top of mountains Across the seas Passing in valleys More sites to see   I am a restless soul -Kel Dayheart


I have a plan for everything And back ups if those fail A to Z And Z to A If it can happen I've thought it Plans upon plans   Are you ready for what's coming? -Kel Dayheart

New Start

Unfamiliar territory No faces recognizable No one knows me A clean slate   Scared and unnerved Not knowing who to trust Or where I'll belong A new beginning   Feeling lost But I'll ¬†find my way Hopefully I'll find someone To help me with this   Unfamiliar territory Unknown faces Someone knowing me New start... Continue Reading →


A frost in the air That chills to the bone With ice in my lungs Crystallizing Freezing from the outside From the inside -Kel Dayheart


A winter's day Biting chill Sweeps around me   Winter day Frosting ice Tangled mess   A winter's day Fogged breath Puffing along -Kel Dayheart

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