Happy Birthday T. S. Eliot!

S. Eliot is remembered as American- British poet, American by birth and British by choice. I honestly can’t say he’s one of my favorites; however, I do like his stance on poetry which he discusses in “The Music of Poetry”. He believes that meaning and style go hand-in-hand when writing a poem. Sometimes you don’t consciously understand a poem, but you can get feeling from it. As I stated, he’s not one of my favorites there is one poem of his that I like “Virginia”:

Red river, red river
Slow flow heat is silence
No will is still as a river
Still. Will heat move
Only through the mocking-bird
Heard once? Still hills
Wait. Gates wait. Purple trees
White trees, wait, wait,
Delay, decay. Living, living,
Never moving. Ever moving
Iron thoughts came with me
And go with me:
Red river, red river

T. S. Eliot

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