Do You

Do you every feelLike this isn't realityBut just a dreamWhere one day you'll wakeTo find you have all that timeYou thought you lost back-Kel Dayheart

Stands by You

When there comes a day When you feel too alone Please remember, my dear To look up To look around you And see everyone who stands with you -Kel Dayheart

Wonderful You

Don't fall into conformity You are more than One of the masses You are wonderfully you And don't let anyone Say differently -Kel Dayheart

Keep Hope Alive

Hope is all that matters At the end of the day If you can still hope It means you haven't given up It means you can continue on -Kel Dayheart

With the Dreamers

The dreamer in me Has been beaten black and blue And she has Given up dreaming She no longer believes In fairy tales, wishing on stars, or happy endings The dreamer in me Has died a painful death And she will Be laid to rest With all the other doe- eyed girls Who dreamed too... Continue Reading →


Striving I strive to be a good person A good person How utterly boring I don't strive to change the world The world is always changing And it'll do it in its own time Not on anyone else's dime Someone once said "obedient women are never remembered" I guess I'll be forgotten But what that... Continue Reading →

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