The damp chill of the air Is sinking in Bone deep it wraps Until I fear I will Never again Be warm -Kel Dayheart


This winter I wish To cocoon myself in warmth And not emerge again Until there is no chill Left in the air -Kel Dayheart

End of a Season

Winter is coming to a close Though it is still so cold It's hare to see, To understand that soon The sun will seem much stronger -Kel Dayheart


There are days when you should stop And soak in the sun Especially when the air is still chilled That is when we need its warmth the most -Kel Dayheart


Lukewarm tea Still warms my palms As they clutch on With feverish hope That it may warm me Down to my chilled bones -Kel Dayheart

Early Night

Winter for all it's covers in white I associate it with black The deepest black of early nightfall And lowering temperatures -Kel Dayheart

Spring Forward

The bright colors of spring Are upon us once more Eating up the cold grey winter Until we barely remember Those bitter nights -Kel Dayheart

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