Under the Gaslight Glow

You make me feel Like I cannot trust myself No it couldn't possible be He loves me He wants what's best for me Maybe I'm crazy He says he loves me He says he wants what's best for me He says he doesn't understand why I'm acting this way Trust me, if you can't trust... Continue Reading →

This is the End

Tear the nails out Rip up the floors Cave in the walls This is no home It never was I'll make it A mass grave For all the horrors You put me through Burying it for good -Kel Dayheart


Lightening flows from her fingertips Invigorating my skin Lighting my nerves on fire Babe, you electrify me -Kel Dayheart

I’m Sure

There was a whiff of perfume on him I'm sure it's nothing There was a faint trace of lipstick under his collar I'm sure it's nothing He's late again I'm sure it's nothing He's canceled again I'm sure it's nothing I'm sure It's nothing -Kel Dayheart

Love Bites

When you bite your bottom lip I go a little mad Thinking about your teeth Worrying away at my lips At my throat At my thighs -Kel Dayheart

Careful Hands

Love is a bonsai It takes careful hands To nurture and maintain And one wrong move And one wrong word Can kill it just as well As it can bring it back -Kel Dayheart

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