Car Sick

Traveling this way Always makes me sick With nerves as I watch The scenery pass in a blur Because there is always A chance I will not Make it to my destination -Kel Dayheart

Waiting on a Train

Over the rim of my coffee cup The world moves by Mobs of nameless people Walk on set paths   Each with their own story With their own way Viewing the world differently Than I   Coffee turns bitter As I wait for the train That will never come Just waiting on my path -Kel... Continue Reading →


A train whistle in the distance Rings out Piercing the silence With a warning sound -Kel Dayheart


He always knew the right direction Never lost his footing Or sight of the path Nothing could disrupt his journey Or distract him from his goal He'll continue on Even if he reaches The edge of the world -Kel Dayheart

Optimistic Traveler

Following the path Is impossible to do Without a map So I'll wander now And hope for the best Maybe I'll find Lost to be Where I needed to be -Kel Dayheart


The longer you travel The more you sink-- Sink deeper and deeper into the abyss That is the haze of exhaustion -Kel Dayheart

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