Certified Crazy

I'm walking into madness With silence all around me All I want to do Is shout and scream Until the men in white coats Come for me -Kel Dayheart


My stomach turns and twists Until bile foams up From the hollowness That is inside me -Kel Dayheart


Life is all around me And then it's gone Passing me by Pretending it doesn't know me Like an old classmate -Kel Dayheart


Take care, upon your throne Everyone is watching, waiting To usurp you And have your crown -Kel Dayheart

Worse Misery

If I ever become My worse nightmare Either slap me straight Or take me out back And shoot me   Please put me out Of my misery -Kel Dayheart


Stuck in a rut Pacing the same space Of this 4 foot by 4 foot cage Can't seem to inspire- Motivate- Get- a- swift- kick- in- the- ass- Drum up the courage To change my fate -Kel Dayheart

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