Small but Mighty

My bones rattle with the hit I taste blood where my teeth Have bitten my tongue Everything hurts at all points That have hit the unforgiving ground Regardless I rise again And give a bloody grin He can beat me physically But he won't break my spirit -Kel Dayheart

Strength in Different Forms

His hands are different from mine Course in a way that shows Just how capable they are While mine are thin and scream delicate From the tips of my fingers To tapered wrist -Kel Dayheart

Always Strong

She stands strong against the current Never swaying She's a fighter, a believer, a dreamer, And so much more than these words can say   Standing tall against the pull Wiser than what she's suppose to be Never wanting help Striving to look forward   She holds back tears Being strong Against the current Never... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Week #41

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can." -Frida Kahlo No matter how much we go through we still get up the next day. It might be hard but we do. Happy Monday. -Kel Dayheart

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