A storm brews on the horizon It comes with barely a warning Before its upon us Beating down until we break -Kel Dayheart

Paper Storm

Page by page The storm quiets Raging winds turns Into a billowing breeze Hailing ice turns Into a lively sunshine Crying thousands turn Into a peaceful bunch Page by page People calm the storm That beats inside Until it's nothing but words -Kel Dayheart

Waiting for Lightning

A storm is approaching Electrifying the air I stand at the edge Of the roaring sea To see what I can Waiting patiently to see Lightning strike the water   I am at the edge Waiting patiently like a lightning rod -Kel Dayheart

A Storm Brewing

Pitter- patter hits the tin roof Whistles and howls combine With crackling clashes In this symphony of sounds It reaches a crescendo As all peace is lost And the light has faded With darkness settling in amongst the noise -Kel Dayheart

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