Roll with the Punches

Roll with the punches Smile Even if you feel alone Stand tall And show the world You will make it through   Roll with the punches That's all we can do Smile that won't reach my eye Standing tall when all you do is fall Show the world You are strong enough to make it... Continue Reading →

China Doll

China doll Oh, china doll With painted face Pretty as can be   Oh, China doll With cold eyes And a fixed face As pretty as can be -Kel Dayheart


How do you measure your worth? In inches and pounds Or something more meaningful   How can you tell if your life is meaningful? With all that you accomplish Or by the small moments you hold dear   -Kel Dayheart

Once Again

You and I have met before Or have we You look so familiar Yet changed to new   Have I seen you In passing Or do we know Each other more intimately   You don't know me Or are you lying I have a feeling That you've lied to me before -Kel Dayheart

Correcting Me

The world corrects me As though I am born immoral Corrupted by the first gasping breath Of Earth’s polluted air   The world corrects my looks Like how I am born is not right That I cannot be Unless I conform to the world’s view   The world corrects my speech So the words I... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Strangers

My favorite people in this world I do not know For they are just kind strangers Who ask for nothing and will receive nothing   Kind strangers With gentle eyes With genuine smiles Speak no words   Strange strangers With blurred half-forgotten faces They brighten the day, without a thought bringing hope to the downtrodden... Continue Reading →

Falling in Love

He's a fast- time talker He's a smooth talker He's a charming charmer   Starry-eyed and feeling flush Half convinced I'm in love Half convinced I'm going crazy   It's a whirlwind It's a dreamscape It's a hope in us all   I guess that's why it's called Falling in love   -Kel Dayheart

Actor’s Deceit

I'll act the part And get a full review For being a lying cheat   But no one will see 'cause no one really looks When soft deceit is easier to take -Kel Dayheart

In Attendance

In attendance. Though no role is called Every seat is filled And many more continue to trickle in   In the front. Heads are down Without a single eye Trained upon the speaker Still respect is shown no question   In the back. There is a whisper Followed by a sniffle Silence still prevails in... Continue Reading →

Rage Caged

feeling trapped like a caged animal pacing and pacing rattling the cage every now and again slow insanity bared down caged forced against nature waiting my masters call try and make it another day of blame and torture -Kel Dayheart

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