The Art of Letter Writing

Always yours I'm trying to be sincere But my dear It's time to say goodbye.   The end Is just the last word On this page But not for all time.   Another letter In the making I've got so much to tell you I wish you were here. -Kel Dayheart


Blissful sigh Warm breathe breezes across my face Her hand rests upon my chest And I feel that all is right.   Warmth cocoons As she nestles closer Securely relaxing within my arms And nothing can be wrong.   As long as We are together The world can be at peace For love reigns supreme.... Continue Reading →


I've gone through so much paper Just trying to get the words down That can describe your essence With all the words In all the various languages I have never found And will continue to be at a loss When it comes to your radiance. -Kel Dayheart

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