Dream On

With night comes dreams With day comes end   As we fall into our minds A place of different kinds   It's not always as it seems But will mend -Kel Dayheart

Illusion of Security

Mysterious immortal flame Has come to an untimely end And we know not the blame Or how to mend   Written long ago, now lost In the illusion of present The myth has been tossed For something more pleasant   No facts are known And the future starts to look bleak We should not have... Continue Reading →

Wishing for Forever

The romanticized lifetime of fame With never ending earthy dwellings That has an eternity worth of aims Before the restlessness clings   Always, forever, eternity of future New faces and lives Summertime dims in dying nature And an ancient grief ever gives   Seasons change and fade But winter never seems to close And sunset... Continue Reading →

Poor Lighting

Candle light Burning bright Is such a sight In the dark dim night As my poor eyesight Adjust enough to write -Kel Dayheart

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