Relaxing Waters

Lavender petals Scatter across the waters Soaking in and it Floats along the surface then It releases the sweet scent -Kel Dayheart


It's crummy out But the tea is brewed just right And there is no plans, No reason to brave the cold   It's crummy out But there's 200 pages left In this page- turner book And no responsibilities to accomplish -Kel Dayheart

Uncharted Paradise

Whisk me away to some distant island To uncharted territory Where clear blue waters kiss virgin beaches Cloudless skies are infinite And the sun never sleeps Secret me away to paradise -Kel Dayheart

You make me laugh

There's a playful glint in your eyes that I have come to know means trouble and mischief but I just smile reassured that no matter what you plan that your only goal is to make me laugh -Kel Dayheart

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