I've come to this place again Waiting to see if you will I already know the answer But I'll still come and wait   I don't know you And you don't know me But that's the truth But that's the lie   We are perfect strangers Not one word spoken But common ground A common... Continue Reading →

All is Swell

Old black and white Seems so simple Even with its shades of gray The hero is straight forward And always gets the girl With the villain in shackles Then the words "The End" appear All is swell -Kel Dayheart

Actor’s Deceit

I'll act the part And get a full review For being a lying cheat   But no one will see 'cause no one really looks When soft deceit is easier to take -Kel Dayheart


Lukewarm tea Still warms my palms As they clutch on With feverish hope That it may warm me Down to my chilled bones -Kel Dayheart


Change comes whether we are Ready or not Sometimes it is our choice Sometimes it just happens -Kel Dayheart


I live life Like I'm drowning Barely keeping my head Above water As I lose air Lose stamina Lose confidence In my ability To stay Above the current Trying to drag Me down -Kel Dayheart

Hidden Behind

Hidden behind the clouded glass Is what you’re looking for Behind those blue eyes Is the truth Behind my soul Is the person you seek In my heart Is where you wish to be   Hidden behind the clouded glass Is more than you know Behind those blue eyes Is the lie Behind my soul... Continue Reading →


The words I want just won't come out It's like there is a road block on my tongue And I feel my face heat up My heart is in overdrive Even with my mind shutting down   Then I just stop   Mid- word, mid- sentence It doesn't matter anymore My whole point is lost... Continue Reading →

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