Striving I strive to be a good person A good person How utterly boring I don't strive to change the world The world is always changing And it'll do it in its own time Not on anyone else's dime Someone once said "obedient women are never remembered" I guess I'll be forgotten But what that... Continue Reading →

Waiting on a Train

Over the rim of my coffee cup The world moves by Mobs of nameless people Walk on set paths   Each with their own story With their own way Viewing the world differently Than I   Coffee turns bitter As I wait for the train That will never come Just waiting on my path -Kel... Continue Reading →


Unapologetic in the way you act Independent and unafraid To take what you want To say what you mean To be who you want to be To be who you are -Kel Dayheart

Poet’s Dream

No parent encourages a poet's dream For how can you make a living When no one is listening?   Writer by trade Starving by day   A sad little grin stares at the page- Page filled with a lovely dream That shall never be reached. -Kel Dayheart

Father Time

Father time's face Is rather stern But with a constant tick He looks out at all But does not see He screeches in the morning But has no voice   Father time Tells a lot But no one listens -Kel Dayheart

Scared Stiff

It catches at the edge The very corner of my eye, before Turning now in fright Suddenly, as quick as quick can be Shadows cast an eerie desire -Kel Dayheart

In Attendance

In attendance. Though no role is called Every seat is filled And many more continue to trickle in   In the front. Heads are down Without a single eye Trained upon the speaker Still respect is shown no question   In the back. There is a whisper Followed by a sniffle Silence still prevails in... Continue Reading →

Dome of Whispers

The air chills upon entering As hollow air follows behind And murmurs ghost over the skin Whispers yell from no particular place Shocking the system But no one believes That history never dies -Kel Dayheart

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