Dabbling in Voodoo

Unfortunate people Come around To the shadow man He's got the fix To all your woes It won't cost Too much of you Unfortunate people Come around To the voodoo doctor Tell him what ails you He's got the fix It won't cost too much Until it's too late to back out -Kel Dayheart

Fickle Magic

Cauldron's alight Bring it to a boil And say a little spell In it's shadowed light And hope it does What it's meant to Without too high a cost -Kel Dayheart


Dance naked under the pale moonlight It is a night to celebrate Birth, death, and everything imbetween -Kel Dayheart


Light the candles One by one Be mindful With each flick of flame A careless second Could ruin everything -Kel Dayheart

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