His Perfection

Sleek lines Tailored to perfection Not a hair out-of-place T's are crossed I's are dotted My god, my hands itch To reach out And blur those lines Pull of the suit Drag my hands through his hair To leave my mark On his perfection -Kel Dayheart


The swing of her hips Was hypnotic As many eyes stopped And stared Unable or unwilling To look away -Kel Dayheart

Mad Music

Sway to the musical poetry in the air Brings forth a mysterious craving The lullaby moving an addictive desire One only showing a passion’s fire But with the heart of a liar Life is never fair When all its people are madly raving -Kel  Dayheart *Repost

For the Better

Why do we always want the bad boy? The tortured soul, Leather- wearing, Worn down dreamer   Can we really say we fell for him When all we want to do Is change him "for the better" Polish him up until he shines   Good girls fall Stumbling along chasing after bad boys But don't... Continue Reading →

What a Sweetie

Dark chocolate skin With eyes to match As your lips pull into a smile My heart stops Only to go into overdrive I wonder if you taste As sweet as you look -Kel Dayheart

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