Hate to Love

When we first met You infuriated me To no end   But there was an end It was when I started to love you -Kel Dayheart

Sorry for the Past

I am sorry For my brothers   I am sorry For my sisters   Our ancestors Got it wrong   So drastically wrong   Forgive me For I have followed their sins -Kel Dayheart


Never quite forgive This feeling you inspired The hatred you instilled In my very heart For people I had never met And judged them For faults you perceived Never allowing me to Develop my own ideas So I can never Quite forgive you For this hatred you planted In my childhood -Kel Dayheart

Without Hatred

She loved With everything She had But she could not Find the will To hate Even with her heart Broken -Kel Dayheart


You summon up all my demons With just a few well placed words I'm set into a whirl A downfall of self hate -Kel Dayheart

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