Growing to the point Where you no longer Keep tally of just what Your age is now So different than childhood Where we could say Our age in days -Kel Dayheart

Back When

When I was A little girl All I wanted to be Was a princess Not for power Or prestige But to wear Pretty dresses With tall shoes That shine When I was A little girl The whole world Was just one block wide And it was mine To explore And to discover Ever leaf and... Continue Reading →

Lines of a Story

Your hand tells your story Far better than your eyes Eyes may be the window to the soul But we guard our soul- Our heart with iron walls The past is not so easily safeguarded Every scar and line Is laid out to bare Luckily most do not know how to read This secret of... Continue Reading →

Appreciate the Silence

A hush falls upon the room As if we had entered a library An instant change in mood That has been instilled since childhood Hush, hush not too loud Because somethings are meant To be appreciated in silence -Kel Dayheart

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