With the Dreamers

The dreamer in me Has been beaten black and blue And she has Given up dreaming She no longer believes In fairy tales, wishing on stars, or happy endings The dreamer in me Has died a painful death And she will Be laid to rest With all the other doe- eyed girls Who dreamed too... Continue Reading →


Lost in a daydream Caught somewhere Before a plot was formed Hazy shapes and unfamiliar faces That are only vaguely thought Before once more evaporating Like a whisp of smoke -Kel Dayheart


Palm leaf dreams Flutter in no breeze But drift off With no care -Kel Dayheart

Dusty Dreams

Do you see That suitcase packed in the corner It is filled to the brim But not of the usual arrangements For a simple trip It is filled with all my hopes and dreams   And do you see That they are all collecting dust? -Kel Dayheart

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