History of Justice

We have a history Of blaming the victim For being weak For deserving it For asking for it Forgetting the monster Who did the heinous crime Where is the justice? -Kel Dayheart


The perfect crime Does not exist There is always One who knows The truth And it will be Found -Kel Dayheart

Con Man

He was old school Black and white Back alley Charlaton Who should have been Easy to spot But somehow He still made A living out there -Kel Dayheart


I am not fit For a life of crime Just the thought Makes me queasy Dizzy from an act I could never Perform -Kel Dayheart


Heart pounds away So very afraid Want to do the right thing The moral thing   Always been the good one Done what was virtuous Didn't create waves And now it's all over   You stand there lying In front of judge and jury Because fear wins over virtue every time Mobster is just one... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Seat

I'll be your Bonnie If you'll be my Clyde And I'll run with you Without a line I wouldn't cross To  stay together -Kel Dayheart

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