Con Man

He was old school Black and white Back alley Charlaton Who should have been Easy to spot But somehow He still made A living out there -Kel Dayheart


I am not fit For a life of crime Just the thought Makes me queasy Dizzy from an act I could never Perform -Kel Dayheart


Heart pounds away So very afraid Want to do the right thing The moral thing   Always been the good one Done what was virtuous Didn't create waves And now it's all over   You stand there lying In front of judge and jury Because fear wins over virtue every time Mobster is just one... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Seat

I'll be your Bonnie If you'll be my Clyde And I'll run with you Without a line I wouldn't cross To  stay together -Kel Dayheart

For a Life of Crime

First Rule: Always have an escape route Second Rule: Assume your first plan will fail Third Rule: Always have a back up plan, or five Fourth Rule: Only trust what you can see Fifth Rule: Assume the worst of everyone -Kel Dayheart

Look Away

No, there's nothing to see I promise No ulterior motive here At least that's what you know For plausible deniability =Kel Dayheart

In Poor Taste

He and I Have spent most of our time Among the beggars In debt For crimes that we Did not commit Our only crime Was to be born On the wrong side Of poor -Kel Dayheart

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