Let’s Play

Let's go play in the snow Like we used to Don't worry about the shoveling Just come pack the snow Until we have some snowy creature -Kel Dayheart

Such a Mess

Wild child such a mess With free flowing hair And scrapped knees But you can't help but smile back At the toothly grin And bright eyed wonder -Kel Dayheart

Make Believe

The whiskey burns going down And my eyes water As I hold back a cough Trying to appear unaffected By the taste Like a child playing adult -Kel Dayheart


Growing to the point Where you no longer Keep tally of just what Your age is now So different than childhood Where we could say Our age in days -Kel Dayheart

Back When

When I was A little girl All I wanted to be Was a princess Not for power Or prestige But to wear Pretty dresses With tall shoes That shine When I was A little girl The whole world Was just one block wide And it was mine To explore And to discover Ever leaf and... Continue Reading →

Cardboard Castles

As a child, I would build Myself a castle of cardboard Just big enough for me and teddy So we could rule In the shadows -Kel Dayheart

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