"You're a disappointment" The devil whispered In my ear every night   "I'm more than I appear" The angel reminded Me over and over   "You're a disappointment" My mother shouts In the heat of rage   "I'm more than I appear" I tell Myself as I stay silent -Kel Dayheart

Can’t Paint Over

I put my war paint on Line by careful line Until it cracks Like old concrete And all the brokenness From underneath comes Seeping out -Kel Dayheart

Without Hatred

She loved With everything She had But she could not Find the will To hate Even with her heart Broken -Kel Dayheart


Coming unglued A mess of broken pieces Scattered across the floor Defiant in its cracked state Unfixable -Kel Dayheart


The room is familiar Although the faces are not Strangers there for the same-- Fix   The room is warm Although the faces are cold Strangers with strange smiles-- Fixed   The room is comfort Although the faces are lacking Strangers stand solemnly-- Broken -Kel Dayheart

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