I think there is something Wrong with this picture It looks too perfect To be real It must be fabricated An imitation at best Maybe a parody of the truth But there is definitely Something wrong -Kel Dayheart

The Art of Letter Writing

Always yours I'm trying to be sincere But my dear It's time to say goodbye.   The end Is just the last word On this page But not for all time.   Another letter In the making I've got so much to tell you I wish you were here. -Kel Dayheart

Beautiful bird Fly quick, swift, and feather light The storm is brewing

Flying Freedom

Never cage a willful bird Instead, learn to fly along Or else be gone   To cage is to clip- Clip the wings of freedom Hindering the soulful flight   I will not be content To sit all-day And sing your heinous tune -KelĀ  Dayheart

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