Her glass heart Is kept in her china cabinet Kept with all The other useless, pretty things -Kel Dayheart

Small but Mighty

My bones rattle with the hit I taste blood where my teeth Have bitten my tongue Everything hurts at all points That have hit the unforgiving ground Regardless I rise again And give a bloody grin He can beat me physically But he won't break my spirit -Kel Dayheart

Stage Two

I cried a little at first For what felt like forever But then the anger set in And I felt so much stronger So I stayed angry For much longer than I should Holding onto you like a child Unwilling to let go But now, finally I no longer Think of you at all -Kel... Continue Reading →


A storm brews on the horizon It comes with barely a warning Before its upon us Beating down until we break -Kel Dayheart

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