Stay Awhile

Darling, why don't you Why don't you Pull off your jacket And stay for awhile This place is big enough for two To settle in and start- Start something new Darling, why don't you Why don't you Kick off your shoes And stay for awhile We can make something Of this life we're building If... Continue Reading →


The chill is getting to me I keep blowing on my hands Though I know it's useless I have nothing to fear As long as I feel cold -Kel Dayheart

Such a Mess

Wild child such a mess With free flowing hair And scrapped knees But you can't help but smile back At the toothly grin And bright eyed wonder -Kel Dayheart

Keep Hope Alive

Hope is all that matters At the end of the day If you can still hope It means you haven't given up It means you can continue on -Kel Dayheart

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