Paper Storm

Page by page The storm quiets Raging winds turns Into a billowing breeze Hailing ice turns Into a lively sunshine Crying thousands turn Into a peaceful bunch Page by page People calm the storm That beats inside Until it's nothing but words -Kel Dayheart


Striving I strive to be a good person A good person How utterly boring I don't strive to change the world The world is always changing And it'll do it in its own time Not on anyone else's dime Someone once said "obedient women are never remembered" I guess I'll be forgotten But what that... Continue Reading →

House of Cards

I have built my house of cards Slowly, but surely it stands Many will call it flimsy Many will say it will fall However, I built it with these two hands I made it mine I made it beautiful And if it shall fall I will dance among the falling cards. -Kel Dayheart

The Art of Letter Writing

Always yours I'm trying to be sincere But my dear It's time to say goodbye.   The end Is just the last word On this page But not for all time.   Another letter In the making I've got so much to tell you I wish you were here. -Kel Dayheart

Night Time Musing

Full moon gleams And twinkles in the distance Illuminates the land although it's far past midnight All should be in bed However, I can't help but stare Out my open window To breathe in the night scene. -Kel Dayheart

Waiting on a Train

Over the rim of my coffee cup The world moves by Mobs of nameless people Walk on set paths   Each with their own story With their own way Viewing the world differently Than I   Coffee turns bitter As I wait for the train That will never come Just waiting on my path -Kel... Continue Reading →


Blissful sigh Warm breathe breezes across my face Her hand rests upon my chest And I feel that all is right.   Warmth cocoons As she nestles closer Securely relaxing within my arms And nothing can be wrong.   As long as We are together The world can be at peace For love reigns supreme.... Continue Reading →


Unapologetic in the way you act Independent and unafraid To take what you want To say what you mean To be who you want to be To be who you are -Kel Dayheart

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