Glow in the Dark

She's a showy kind of girl Bright colors with glitter Mysterious, unique Glamour that shines Best within the dark So it may gleam Like starry wonder -Kel Dayheart

New Author

I refuse to let you Dictate my thoughts You left You don't have any right To me anymore Maybe you never did -Kel Dayheart

Own Hero

Many people wait For some superhero To save them And very few Get sick of waiting And don their own cape -Kel Dayheart

Breathe In

One more chapter has come to completion A fresh page has opened with nary a thing marking it Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment Breathe.   It's a start, a moment that does not need to be forced But will not go on without prompting Do not feel faintĀ of heart, you... Continue Reading →

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