A train whistle in the distance Rings out Piercing the silence With a warning sound -Kel Dayheart


Stuck in a rut Pacing the same space Of this 4 foot by 4 foot cage Can't seem to inspire- Motivate- Get- a- swift- kick- in- the- ass- Drum up the courage To change my fate -Kel Dayheart


You shine, my dear Without the need of battery You are a force All your own -Kel Dayheart

My Favorite Strangers

My favorite people in this world I do not know For they are just kind strangers Who ask for nothing and will receive nothing   Kind strangers With gentle eyes With genuine smiles Speak no words   Strange strangers With blurred half-forgotten faces They brighten the day, without a thought bringing hope to the downtrodden... Continue Reading →

To Think On

Over-thinker Under thinker Through thinker Maybe just a tinker I can't wrap My head around My thoughts -Kel Dayheart

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