Always Strong

She stands strong against the current Never swaying She's a fighter, a believer, a dreamer, And so much more than these words can say   Standing tall against the pull Wiser than what she's suppose to be Never wanting help Striving to look forward   She holds back tears Being strong Against the current Never... Continue Reading →

Lies Before Bed

I may have released a poetry book... oh look I did! I did the self-published route. If anyone is thinking about self-publishing I recommend Draft2Digital, it's easy to get started and navigate. A collection of poetry that takes a different spin on classic tales. These poems explore the art of storytelling from classic fairy tales... Continue Reading →


People would be happier If they stopped Comparing What they have Who they are Where they're going When they got there   By happy in the now -Kel Dayheart

Toy Track

Circular thinking The tracks are laid With a pre-programed route No unscheduled stops And if you forget something Worry not because it will Circle back again -Kel Dayheart


This month marks my third year on wordpress. So to celebrate we are going to have a double the amount of poems this month (excluding: haikus and blackout, they'll be on their normal schedule.) Maybe this month we'll break a 1,000 views. I can dream can't I? -Kel Dayheart

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