Fragment of a figment Illuminates the darkness for only a brief moment A spark Gone before eyes can adjust Leaving a feeling of longing- Longing for a place to belong -Kel Dayheart * A reposting of my first poem here  

Goldfish Memories

Swimming along in circles In my little glass bowl It's exhausting to keep going My saving grace Is that shortly I won't remember -Kel Dayheart


Some days we fail But that doesn't change The fact that we tried Failure isn't the opposite of success A lack of action is -Kel Dayheart

Tear Ducts

Cry all you want There is no reason To keep it inside It does not make You weak To show that you are Human -Kel Dayheart


I use the word "we" To try and bring unity Where there is none to be found -Kel Dayehart

Burnt Out

Our relationship Made me feel Like a spent match We burned bright For only a moment And then in the end I felt Cold and used -Kel Dayheart

Quote of the Week #51

"The secret of living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure." -Tibetan Proverb There is so much advice on better living but all of it always boils down the same- eat right, exercise, and positive emotions. -Kel Dayehart

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