Questions Left Unanswered

Did you know then That you were lying Or did you really believe That the promised were true   Did you know then How much I needed You to keep those promises So I wouldn't break   Did you know then That you were going to be The one, the only one To shatter me... Continue Reading →


It's crummy out But the tea is brewed just right And there is no plans, No reason to brave the cold   It's crummy out But there's 200 pages left In this page- turner book And no responsibilities to accomplish -Kel Dayheart

Quote of the Week #21

"Appreciate those who don't give up on you." -Unknown   I try to avoid unknown quotes, mostly because I like to give credit to those that it's due. If someone knows who said it let me know. Even though I couldn't find who said I liked it too much to pass on it. It's a... Continue Reading →

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