Ignoring Ignorance

I don't read the news any more The headlines only depress me More deaths here A tragedy there Worse than before The world has never seen this Words, words, words Empty without real feeling Ignorance is nothing more than ignorance -Kel Dayheart

Clean Up

She sat on the kitchen floor Covered in cuts and bruises She stayed There until she was Willing to pick up The pieces and Clean up the misery- The shame She felt Before she rose Once more -Kel Dayheart


Never quite forgive This feeling you inspired The hatred you instilled In my very heart For people I had never met And judged them For faults you perceived Never allowing me to Develop my own ideas So I can never Quite forgive you For this hatred you planted In my childhood -Kel Dayheart

Artistic License

There is no wrong way To create poetry You don't need To fit a mold Or fit into a preconceived format Poetry is art And art has always been free So please darling Set your poetry free -Kel Dayheart   *So I was really excited (and somewhat shocked) to see that I had reached 300... Continue Reading →

Hot Mess

You are a nuisance A distraction I do not Have the time nor will To deal with once more, so please Mess up  someone else's day -Kel Dayheart

Quote of the Week #12

So I like a good old movie now and again. Some of my favorites are Audrey Hepburn's movie (How to Steal a Million & Breakfast at Tiffany). She just one of those people you can't help but like. "I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It... Continue Reading →

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