At the cemetery yesterday As I placed my flowers And cleared the leaves Blown against your stone Trapped by old arrangements I realized looking at the dates You've been gone now Longer than you were alive for And I feel a little part of me die In that realization -Kel Dayheart

Always the Winner

Stand the test of time And you find very little Will survive, my dear Not you or I Will last Even if we love Until our last breath -Kel Dayheart


It starts small In the moment between breaths When you're lacking oxygen   The epiphany hits you Like a drop kick to the stomach Or slap to the head   It ignites something Bigger than a fire cracker But more contained than a forest fire -Kel Dayheart

Pulled Seams

My arms wrapped around my waist Does nothing to help Hold me together When my seams are shredded And my heart Is spilling out Bleeding for the world to see -Kel Dayheart

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