Wonderland has lost Its wonder Now it's lackluster Dinged, tarnished Without the laughter That made it The way it was -Kel Dayheart


I'll keep this brief As I know you have better things to do I loved you But I can't do this I love myself Too much to suffer In a relationship So one- sided -Kel Dayheart

Disappearing Appearance

She shattered his illusions Until he could no longer hide Behind his slight- of- hand And parlor tricks Until all he was Was on display In hi- definition -Kel Dayheart


Parasites feeding Off the meager talented souls A bottom feeder Living life off the success Of others, only taking -Kel Dayheart

Behind Closed Doors

We are a united front When in front Of a crowd But in private It seems That all, we can do Is fight And play a riveting game Of blame -Kel Dayheart

Near Sighted

With blurred vision I'm as blind as a bat Hopelessly trying To find my way Home in the darkness -Kel Dayheart

True Beauty

It's in unguarded moments When you let your hair down And you just are That I love the most Your smile reaches your eyes Your laugh is freely given And my god, I swear You have never looked more beautiful Than you do in those moments I just wished That you would feel more comfortable... Continue Reading →

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