Price Tag Morality

I am perplexed By your lack of integrity How can you stand there Like the smug hypocrite you are And look down your nose At those who stand by their beliefs When you can be bought On any occasion -Kel Dayheart

As Always

I always seem to fall So very hard And oh so quickly Into love And darling, you are No exception -Kel Dayheart


Coming unglued A mess of broken pieces Scattered across the floor Defiant in its cracked state Unfixable -Kel Dayheart

Thought Process

It may be uncharitable to think Of all your faults, mistakes Without thinking of your reasons I don't deny your reasons I just don't care to learn them   It may be uncharitable to think Of you only at face value But I have no time To walk I your shoes I only have time... Continue Reading →

Lies of Youth

Life isn't fair Who ever told you that lied Probably the same person Who said you can achieve Anything if you work hard enough They lied -Kel Dayheart

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